Tang Hall Residents’ Association – Minutes of Meeting (June 2016)

Date: 6th June, 2016        

Time: 8:45-10:30 pm

Venue: 24th floor Tang Lounge


New Board

Position First Name Last Name Attendance
President Parnika Agrawal P
Vice President Krithika Ramchander A
Treasurer Manish Shetty P
GSC Rep Soon Ju Choi A
Social Chair Rohit Supekar P
Social Chair Soumya Pasumarthy A
Social Chair Rakesh Sridhar A
Social Chair Gong Tang A
Recycling/Gardening Victoria Lee P
IT Chair Devendra Shelar P
Dorm Coordinator Brij Bhushan P
Dorm Coordinator Masa Mocnik P
Purchasing & Maintenance Chair Angxiu Ni P
Publicity Chair Lup Wai Chew A
Publicity Chair Dhanush Mariappan P
Sports Chair Gufan Yin P
Sports Chair Francois Hogan P
Sports Chair Felipe Oviedo P


Food was ordered from Chutney’s for $116 including delivery and tip, for 15 people


  1. Keys – for sports cabinets
  2. Social chairs – sports chairs  – keys
    1. Vicky returning the keys
    2. Parnika : some more keys to be made for sports/social chairs
  3. Documents – positions and responsibilities
    1. Has everyone seen it ? Hope everyone is ok with it
  4. Updates by different chairs
    1. Gufan (Sports Chair)

Pool table

      1. Vicky – did we replace the cue tips ? Rohit – they keep coming off
      2. Parnika → Gufan : can you post some instructions on how to use
        1. Gufan : cheap tips
        2. Parnika : if it is ~10-20 $, buy new ones
        3. Gufan do buy better sticks – and update everyone

                     Pingpong table

      1. We bought new pingpong nets – installed and working fine (Gufan)



      1. AngXiu – make a list of inventory and send it out
        1. There is no previous list
        2. List of board games/sports inventory
        3. Make it available on the website
        4. AngXiu : made a list and updated it on Trello
          1. Do (2)&(3) above


        1. Rohit :organize a social cabinet cleanup and document inventory-(other THRA members will help out)
        2. Complete the inventory list by next month
  1. Review of Socials
    1. Tang brunch by Vicky
      1. Brunch : 150-200 people
      2. Caterers were good
      3. They left – trays to keep food hot (goes into inventory)
      4. Post event report – to ODGE – keiko tanaka
      5. (ODGE funds only two brunches – next brunch they fund will be in Sept)
  1.     b) FInals week breakfast by Brij and Masa
  • Finals breakfast
  • 60-70 people per day
  • They made a report
  • Parnika :  Feedback from the past – people who have finals don’t attend as much as the people who are staying in Tang (not having finals)


  1.                           c) Coffee Hour by Rohit
  1. 50-60 people
  2. Spotify playlist (Dawn gave the speakers) – Music is a good idea for future socials      
  3. Bagels was a good idea
  4. Chips did not get over
  5. People like healthy food (fruits)
  6. $70
  7. Report is available on the drive


6) Upcoming Socials

BBQ & Movie

    • Movie :  Zootopia
    • For future GSC annos – post it > 2 weeks in advance        

            Coffee Hour


  • Rakesh will be in charge of all the post event reports (for summer)
  • Current THRA members will pitch in to organize the socials

Proposals /upcoming socials

  • Sticking only to popular events from last year
    • Quiz (Rakesh is the lead)
    • Kayaking (Rohit is lead)
    • Combining quiz with dessert night
    • They will submit proposals by June 15
    • Manish — > use the past event proposals from the drive
    • September brunch : we don’t have to write a proposal – Gong is the lead social chair
  • Posters
    • Lup/Dhanush have taken up
    • Timing is fine so far
  • Suggestion boxes
    • Weighing scale
      • Will you meet Dawn/Michael ? (Parnika)
      • Where does the money come from ? (Masa)
      • Money comes from tang (Parnika)
      • We can make it known through the website once it is available
    • Brij
      • Benchpress is shaky – to be fixed
      • Treadmill not turning on (Brij checked 6/5 – Parnika says it is unreliable – inform Michael)
        • Ankur used to collect suggestions and meet with Dawn and Michael – AngXiu was in charge of purchasing
      • We send out an email every 1-3 months to residents about the issues and the fixes
      • Felipe : vacuum cleaner – not working – informed the front desk
    • Masa/Brij are checking the suggestion boxes once a week
    • Brij : DVD list is modified – all in one page – that was fast !
  • AngXiu – washing machine issue
    • One machine has a problem – but has not been fixed – the maintenance folks visit once a week -but, this machine has not been fixed
    • Parnika : Can be put up instructions for using the TV/DVD player in the 24th floor lounge ? AngXiu will do it
  • Points System (Parnika)
    • Retreat discussion on how to assign points
    • Krithika and Parnika decided to give points on a scale of 0 – 3 (or) 0 – 4
    • We will have an officer of the month based on this points system
    • It will be a qualitative system
  • Gardening plots and recycling ideas
    • Need to get a few more people to sign up for gardening plots
  • Recycling
    • People are throwing electronics in recycle : Garage sale  (one event in June and another one in August) – can we club the coffee hour with the garage sale ?
    • Manish – you can ask for funds from GSC (for sustainability ) – for garage sale + coffee hour
      • Deadline for the proposal : June 15th
  • Website overhaul (Devendra + Brij)
    • Devendra and Brij have met
    • Added a list on Trello
    • Giving social chairs access so that they can add content
      • Short term – they will have access
      • Long-term : Meeting with social chairs to do complete overhaul of the website
        • Everyone can access different parts of the website and modify
        • Publicity chair + social chairs will meet with them to do the overhaul of the website
          • 20 man hours
          • Devendra  + Brij can create the new website in parallel
        • Brij
          • What will the publicity and social chairs do ?
            • One portion of the website – tech shuttle
            • Socials – ex : running slideshow of images
            • Resources
            • Forums
            • Parnika : Brij/Devendra – come up with a list of things for which people come to website for ? and then let others respond to that list
            • Setting up the website on godaddy.com (we need help)
              • Current solution is sometimes unreliable – server in tang hall – sometimes shut down
              • What are other student groups doing ?
              • Does MIT IS&T provide this infrastructure ?
              • Buying a theme (Brij) – 20 – 60 $
          • If we agree to make a new website, we will do small essential fixes in the current website and work on the new website in parallel and launch it soon
          • New website must be up and running by beginning of August
          • Example of limitation of current design : dynamic content linked to CMS is not possible
          • Kerberos ID on website for elections
          • What Eric had created had some limitations (ex : people from another dorm could vote)
          • Rohit : Ashdown – access to TV rooms etc is through kerberos


Payments System for Westgate residents


  • 24th floor lounge and BBQ pits is accessible to Tang and westgate
  • Westgate don’t pay house tax and we accept $40 to make reservations – they will leave a check – there are issues – there was no uniform way – so far no issue since there was no double booking – recently there was a double booking and we want to streamline it -Manish went to the student office – we have general revenue of 9000 $ / year due to house tax  – we have a four year reserve of $35000. $40 being a source of revenue is not big (we were making 500$ per year). We can do either of three things:
    • 1) we can make it free
    • 2) reduce the amount – at the end of the semester – make a list – go to the student office and add it ——
    • 3) or talk to the westgate government and ask them to pay for their residents.
  • Why will reducing the amount help ?
    • Take the money as one sum from the Westgate government
    • Brij : can we use Tech Cash
    • Manish : It is not an option
  • Parnika : Discuss with Dawn and finalize it
  • We need permission from Student activities office to improve the house tax
  • Proposal to increase the house tax from $2 to $3
    • Vicky : past complaint – make it visible for students – where the increased house tax is going ?
    • Parnika : In the last two surveys we conducted, residents were ok with increasing the tax
    • Parnika : can we talk to the residents during the socials about the increase and get feedback ?
    • Procedure : we need votes from the residents
    • Voting : Parnika / Devendra
    • From Sep, people will pay the new tax, if we decide to implement it
  • Manish
    • Social – Rohit
    • Sustainability – Vicky
    • Orientation – Sports chair
    • Make a copy of the post event reports and receipts and keep it in the drive – useful if there are any issues with reimbursement
  • Filling —–forms online by Gong and Soumya
  • Submit these forms before the next meeting

Orientation event: Olympics

  • 100 people participate
  • Organizers :Sports chairs
  • Deadline for proposal : June 12
  • Money : Ask for more money
  • Event happens end of August
  • Usually – weekend
  • t-shirt/logo design competition (Publicity chairs will conduct a logo design competition – get t-shirts printed)
  • In August – one dedicated meeting to plan the orientation olympics


Other ideas for orientation

  • Ikea (we work with EDGERTON in the past)
  • Dance party (Ashdown does it)
  • Vicky : Garage sale
    • Parnika : organize a trip to the furniture exchange – provide transportation to get their furniture back
    • If we do it, we’ll have it open for everyone (not just TANG)
    • We have to submit a proposal by Sunday (if we decide to do it)
    • Paint night –
      • Funding – orientation + collaboration fund
    • Furniture exchange – August -event – sustainability fund
    • Paint night (might need more money for the supplies) – Manish will prepare the proposal
      • Brij : form groups
      • MIT Art club – Felipe – they do projects you can do in a group
        • Manish : will email the art club and ask them if they will lead the event


  • Group picture + headshots on the website (Brij and Devendra to put them up)
  • AngXiu – photo window on the 1st floor
    • Masa/Brij taking care of it
    • Name/email/designation of THRA members to be put up on the board in the 1st floor
    • Get this done before the next meeting
  • Using trello
    • Parnika : check notifications everyday for 2 minutes
    • Rohit : install the App on the phone

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