Head of the House

From Left: Dawn, Paul, Larry and Skyy.

Larry Anderson was born and raised in Mississippi. He received his undergraduate education at Rust College where he served as Director of Student Activities and Assistant Basketball Coach. He was also elected as the youngest Alderman in the city of Holly Springs, Mississippi. He received his Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Mississippi. Larry serves as Associate Professor in the Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation, the Head Men’s Basketball Coach, and Director of Club Sports at MIT.

Dawn Colquitt-Anderson was born in and raised near Chicago, Illinois, where she spent many of her formative years as a performing artist. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Rust College in Holly Springs, Mississippi and her Master’s degree in Spanish Literature from the University of Mississippi.  She is an experiential ed. educator and an artist that specializes in issues affecting underrepresented groups.  She is also a documentary photographer that teaches photography in between shooting assignments.

Skyy Anderson is a senior at the University of Maryland, College Park. majoring in communications.  She has interned for the Division of Student Life at MIT and Mass Youth Soccer.  Growing up playing competitive soccer, she is currently a professional soccer player in the new National Women’s Soccer League’s Washington DC Spirit.

Paul Anderson is a student at Rust College majoring in Business Administration and music, and is currently playing on the Men’s Varsity Basketball Team.  He has also used his experience over the years as a basketball specialist at the MIT summer day camp and as a camp counselor in the Cambridge Youth Soccer program.  When off the courts he is playing a perfect Moonlight Sonata or watching over a pool as a lifeguard.

To contact Dawn and Larry, just send an email to tang-headofhouse@mit.edu, or call them at extension 56599.

House Manager and Staff

Michael Collins is our house manager. His job is to do what it takes to keep the building running! He has been with us since spring ’02. Mike enjoys spending quality time with his family and playing golf. He also manages the maintenance and custodial staff.
He can be contacted at:

or else, just simply drop by his office.

Maintenance Staff

Tim Hennelly is our trusty maintenance man. He can fix (almost) everything in Tang. You need to put in an online request if you have a problem with something in your apartment. But if it is urgent, you can call FIXIT (x34948) from an MIT phone.

His hours are from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

Custodial Staff

Carlos Da Silva and Cteberson, the custodial staff take care of everything from cleaning the common areas to helping out our house manager with his daily tasks.

Tang Hall Officers 2022-2023

The THRA can be collectively emailed at tang-government@mit.edu.

Naomi Schurr



Yang Chen

Vice President


Arjav Shah



Ashutosh Kumar

Social Chair


Chinmay Gangal

Social Chair


Nidhish Sagar

Social Chair


Lokesh Sangabattula

Social Chair


Siddharth Nayak

Sports Chair


Sathwik Chadaga

Publicity Chair