Tang Hall residents can use the following form to submit a proposal to the Tang Hall residents Association (THRA) for getting funding for small-scale social events, subject to the following guidelines.


  1. The proposal must explain how the proposed event will help in fostering the Tang community.
  2. The proposal will be discussed in the monthly THRA Meeting and voted upon. The proposal will pass if at least ⅔rd of the THRA members present in the meeting vote in favor of the proposal.
  3. A budget of $6/attendee subject to a maximum of $100 will be supported by the housemasters.
  4. A minimum of 6 Tang Hall residents should attend the event.
  5. At least 80% of the people attending the event must be from Tang Hall.
  6. The event should be publicised to the entire Tang community for at-least two weeks. If there is limited space, there should be a provision for people to sign up for it. THRA IT Chair will assist in setting up this RSVP link.
  7. The organizer is responsible for adhering to the Tang rules about using public spaces in Tang and maintaining quiet hours.
  8. No funding for alcohol will be provided.
  9. The organizer must send a short post-event report along with relevant pictures and scanned receipts to tang-government@mit.edu within 1 month of the event date.
  10. Funds will be released only after the event is over and after THRA receives this report.
  11. Examples of events: Group of runners along Charles with food/drinks after the run; game night; movie screening; screening of major sports-events; museum-visits; going for a play/show/movie/book-reading in Boston; fun sports matches such as frisbee, tennis etc.

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