Moving out?

Please make sure to

  • Return washed Tang Hall Food Waste bins to THRA
    • contact to return the bins so future residents can use them.
  • Sell or give away items
    • Head over to our Sustainability page to see multiple options for selling or giving away your extra items.
  • Take large trash to loading dock
    • Please take your large items down to the loading dock. Large or expandable items may block the trash chute (eww!), causing problems for other residents and our maintenance staff. Large items left in your apartment may result in removal fees.
  • Clean your apartment and return it to its original state to avoid fees for excessive cleaning.
  • File a Change of Address with the USPS
    • Fill out the form at
  • Change your address with banks, magazines, etc.
  • Remove yourself from Tang Hall mailing lists

We’d also appreciate if you

  • Fill out the THRA’s form rating Tang Hall, if you have not already!
    • This form helps the THRA present Tang Hall’s strengths and room for improvement when presenting resident concerns to Housing.
  • Leave a memory on our Memory board for our 50th Anniversary!

We hope you enjoyed your time in Tang Hall!