Welcome to Tang Computing! Tang Hall offers state-of-the-art computing facilities meant to maximize your productivity and efficiency, around-the-clock.

Tang Computing is handled by the IT Chair(tang-it-chair@mit.edu).

Unfortunately, we do not deal with your personal computer issues (eg. if your windows installation is corrupt, you have a virus, etc). In many cases, MIT Information Systems should be able to direct you to a solution. In other situations, contact the manufacturer of your equipment.

Athena Computing

Tang Hall Computing

The Athena workstations on the ground floor give you access to campus-wide computing infrastructure supported by IS&T. In order to use these systems, you need an MIT Athena account. The Athena workstations support a wide variety of application software, with both GUI and console interfaces. For more information, check out the Athena Online Help system. Tang also has ‘wg-tang’ and ‘w84prt’ Athena network printers. For any hardware problems with Athena workstations or printers, email hotline@mit.edu. Detailed printing instructions are given below.

Dorm Computing

Every room in Tang Hall is equipped with a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection, and campus-wide WiFi access via 802.11n is also available on the MIT SECURE networks.

Important notes :

  • Can’t tell which jack is for internet in your room? A good way to check is to plug your phone cable into both jacks; the one without the tone must be it. It’s usually the bottom one.
  • For detailed instructions, you can check out the MIT RCC or Residential Networking web pages.
  • Ethernet Access uses DHCP and requires no settings in Windows 9X/NT/2000/XP/Me. However, an MIT id and Kerberos account is required for activation
  • Printing from your room on the Tang network printer [wg-tang] requires LPR setup. Read below for detailed instructions.
  • A variety of software is available for free use by MIT students, available from the MIT Software Distribution

Using the Printer

To print to the Tang printers, please follow instructions on here (MIT’s IS&T website).

Printer Etiquette

  • If you have large print jobs, print double-sided. This will save paper and keep your documents easy-to-handle.
  • Make sure your print jobs, especially large ones, do not produce garbage on the printer. A large, non-PS file sent to print from a dorm room could keep the printer stuck and unusable for hours.

What if someone’s job is printing garbage to the printer?

Unfortunately, you can’t kill the job if it isn’t yours – but you can email tang-it-chair@mit.edu and if the problem if the problem is not resolved in 2 hours, type ‘olc’ from an athena prompt and ask a consultant to clear the queue for you.

Spam Control

IS&T offers spam control software. For more information, please check here.