Every room in Tang Hall is equipped with a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection, and campus-wide WiFi access via 802.11n is also available on the MIT SECURE networks. For detailed instructions, you can check out the Residential Networking web page.

Using the Printer

To print with the Tang Hall printers, please use MobilePrint ( Instructions on using MobilePrint is given here (MIT’s IS&T website). The printers are located next to the washing machines in the ground floor. The location name of Tang Hall printer is “W84: Tang Hall.” The MobilePrint website has limits on processing graphic heavy documents. If you are facing issues with the processing of your documents, try compressing your documents or using low resolution images in your documents.

Printer Etiquette

  • If you have large print jobs, print double-sided. This will save paper and keep your documents easy-to-handle.
  • Make sure your print jobs, especially large ones, do not produce garbage on the printer. A large, non-PS file sent to print from a dorm room could keep the printer stuck and unusable for hours.
  • If a printer is out of paper, please request and load a new ream of paper from the front desk.
  • If a printer is not working, please email  to report the issue.

Other Resources

A variety of software is available for free use by MIT students, available from the MIT Software Distribution. IS&T offers spam control software. For more information, please check here. We do not deal with your personal computer issues (eg. if your windows installation is corrupt, you have a virus, etc). In many cases, MIT Information Systems should be able to direct you to a solution. In other situations, contact the manufacturer of your equipment.