General Information

There are a number of mailing lists available for Tang residents. Some are official, some are unofficial; some are moderated and some are not.

Official Mailing Lists

tang-residents [at] mit [dot] edu

This list is for important building related announcements (water outages, etc). You are added if you are a resident. It is generally updated in the beginning of each semester. Go to list homepage

Please note that tang-residents is announcements-only. Only the THRA, Michael Collins (house manager), and Dawn & Larry Anderson (housemasters) can send emails to this mailing list. Please send any inquiries to the THRA. If you are an incoming resident, we have a open-to-all Facebook Group where you can interact with current residents.

tang-social [at] mit [dot] edu

This list is for announcing social events in Tang and around MIT. Anyone may add or remove themselves from it. It is a moderated list, so if you’d like to submit to it, send your message to tang-government [at] mit [dot] edu. Go to list homepage