Features cardiovascular and weight machines, benches, free weights, and more. It is located in the second basement, accessible via the center elevator or the stairs. You can enter the gym using your MIT ID card.

Tang Hall Gym Usage Rules

  1. Under no circumstances will I carry alcoholic drinks (open/sealed) into the gym.
  2. I will replace all dumbbells and bars on the rack after use.
  3. I will remove all weights from the bars (including those associated with the squats machine, bench press, and bicep curl) and replace them onto the holding pins on the side of the squat machine or the bench press.
  4. I will not leave any weights/dumbbells/bars on the floor of the gym.
  5. All gym equipment will be returned to its original place after use.
  6. If I am the last person to leave the gym, I will ensure that all fans, lights, and music players are turned off.
  7. I will not carry any gym property (including weights, dumbbells, weighing scale, benches) outside the gym premises, even for a temporary period.
  8. I will turn down the volume of the gym music system upon request by other user(s).
  9. I will clean all the equipment that I used before leaving the gym, using the cleaning fluid and rag provided for the purpose.
  10. I will not litter the gym, and will place all waste such as paper napkins, chewing gum and fruit peels in the trash can.