The laundry room houses washers and dryers for Tang residents to use. (As the need arises, Westgate residents are allowed to use it as well.)

Washing machines are operated through the Washlava app that can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.

  1. Load clothes in an available washer, and close the door. Please take care not to overload – 50% filled volume of dry clothes is approximately a full load.
  2. Activate the machine using the Washlava app. Enter the machine number manually in the app or use Washlava’s Bluetooth feature to automatically connect to a free machine. Make sure you have added a payment method (TechCash or card) to the app before this step. If successful, the light on the machine will turn red.
  3. The respective washer will be activated. Select the wash option on the machine and press start. The washer will display the time remaining as it does the washing.
  4. Once the washing is done, to dry the clothes, take them out of the washer, careful not to leave any cloth items behind, and use them in an available dryer.
  5. As with the washer, use the Washlava app to activate a dryer using the number on the dryer or using Bluetooth.
  6. Once successful, the light on dryer will turn red, select the required options on the machine, and press start. Dryer starts and shows the time remaining.
  7. Make sure you come back and collect the clothes in a timely manner. Place your laundry bag next to the machine, so that if machines are not available for the next user, they can empty the machine to your bag.