The laundry room houses washers and dryers for Tang residents to use. (As the need arises, Westgate residents are allowed to use it as well.)

The laundry room also houses Tang’s computing facilities.

Washing is $1/cycle, and drying is $1/cycle. Payment is either by using quarters ($0.25 coins) or by swiping your TechCash loaded MIT ID-card. You can check on the laundry room status here.

  1. Load clothes in an available washer, and close the door. Please take care not to overload – 50% filled volume of dry clothes is approximately a full load.
  2. Note the number of the washer, go to the washer reader and swipe your Tech-cash loaded MIT ID-card.
  3. The reader will ask you to enter the machine number. After entering the washer number, press enter, and the transaction will be authorized. If successful, it will show a success message and the remaining balance on your card
  4. The respective washer will be activated. Go to the washer and select the wash option and press start. The washer will display the time remaining as it does the washing
  5. Once the washing is done, to dry the clothes, take them out of the washer, careful not to leave any cloth items behind, and put them in an available dryer
  6. As with the washer, go to the dryer reader and swipe your Tech-cash loaded MIT ID-card. Enter the dryer number and the number of extra dry cycles (if none required, select 0).
  7. Once successful, go to the dryer, select options, and press start. Dryer starts and shows the time remaining
  8. Congratulations! You now have a set of clean, dry and fresh smelling clothes.