Music Room


The Tang Hall Music Room features a Yamaha GC1 grand piano and a Simmons Titan 50 electronic drum kit. It is located on the first floor, accessible from the first floor lounge. You can use your MIT ID card to enter the room.

Tang Hall Music Room Usage Rules

  1. Close the music room after your use to avoid damages to the piano and the drum kit by outsiders.
  2. You are allowed to use the music room without reservation. However, if you have a reservation, you have first dibs on the room.
  3. To book an available time slot for the music room please use this link.
  4. If you are not there 10 minutes after your designated time, you have lost first dibs, and anybody can use it instead.
  5. If there is any conflict, show your confirmation email as proof that you have reserved the room.
  6. You can still use the music room if you are not a Tang resident but you will have to be escorted by a Tang resident.
  7. We recommend that you connect your headphones to the drum kit. If you use your own amp to connect to the drum-kit please ensure that the sound levels do not disturb the residents.

This is a set of simple rules. As other concerns pop up, we will add to the list, but we will also try to keep this list as simple as possible.