Lounges and BBQ Pit Reservation Policies

    • 24th Floor Lounge and the BBQ pits (including the lawn area) can be reserved for small gatherings in six hour slots by any Tang resident. Westgate residents can make reservations as a privilege, not a right. Tang residents will be given priority.
    • Reservations can be made by Tang or Westgate residents only.
    • Registration fee for Westgate residents is $40. Because of the House Tax being implemented, Tang residents can use the lounge and the BBQ pits without a charge at any time when these facilities are not reserved.
  • No reservations on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of any week, and the second Monday of each month during Fall, IAP and Spring semesters. No reservations on major holidays (i.e. New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Independence Day (4th of July), Labor Day, Halloween, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, MIT Commencement Day).
  • REQUEST for reservation should be made AT LEAST four days prior to the event.
  • PAYMENTS for the reservation should reach the Scheduling Chair (tang-scheduling-chair@mit.edu) within two days of the reservation request. No reservation is secured until the payment is received.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email within two days after your request (or after your payment in case of Westgate residents), then email to tang-it-chair@mit.edu only, and not to tang-government@mit.edu.
  • LATE RESERVATIONS: Any request made less than four days prior to the event is processed at the discretion of the scheduling chair and is subject to a $40 late fee in addition to the normal usage fee (for a total of $40 for Tang residents and $80 for Westgate residents).
  • If your request is accepted, payment should be made immediately. No reservation is secured until your payment is received.
  • Under extreme circumstances, your reservation may be revoked by the House Masters, House Manager or the Scheduling Chair without prior notice.
  • A fee will be levied if the area is left in an unacceptable state following your event, in addition to the cost of any damages. Your Bursar account will be billed to cover these charges. Clean-up (including emptying of the bins) must be performed in the time period allotted for the gathering (i.e. it is not ok to have a party Friday night and come back Saturday afternoon to clean up). For evening parties, the area must be cleaned by 1 am. All guests must remain in the lounge during the duration of the event and must not loiter in the hallways. Also, the music must be kept at room volume and both doors must remain close. Please inform either the THRA Scheduling Chair (tang-scheduling-chair@mit.edu) or Michael Collins (collinsm@mit.edu) if the area is messy or the equipment is broken when you arrive to avoid these charges.
  • NO SMOKING anywhere in Tang, including in the lounge, in the area in front and around of the elevators, or the stairwell.
  • The person who reserves the lounge must be present at the event.
  • You may not charge admission to any events being held under any circumstances.
  • Alcohol is not be permitted in the 24th floor lounge.
  • Reservation for the 24th floor lounge will be entertained only for small gatherings (not exceeding 25 persons)
  • Tang Hall is not responsible for any injuries occurred during the event.
  • Specific guidelines pertaining to registration of the event alcohol policy, fire regulation, group size etc. will be conveyed in the email confirming the reservation request.
  • Check current schedule before filling out the reservation form for the 24th Floor Lounge or the BBQ Pit.
  • Fines up to $100 per rule violation will be levied for violation of EACH of the rules listed on the reservation form.
  • Chairs, tables, dumb bells, and other common facility items, are not to be removed from the common areas.

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