Trash Disposal

Each floor has a trash chute near the stairwell by the “E” and “F” apartment doors. Please put bags of trash, securely tied into the chute, leave the area clean, and close the chute when done.he chute covers don’t always shut tight on their own. Please ensure that they are shut tight after dumping garbage down. Usually, there is a tell-tale ‘click’ on the cover latch that will indicate that it is closed.

Please don’t  put large pieces of trash, e.g. cardboard boxes as they clog the chute. Please bring them downstairs and put them into the recycle bins if possible.

Recycling and composting

On the ground floor, outside the rear loading dock (back door) are located the recycling bins (to the left) and the compost bins (to the right). In addition, there are a lot of recycling bins inside the campus. Residents are strongly recommended to recycle everything that can be recycled.

HOWEVER, please do NOT put trash in recycle and bins! Please sort out the trash into recyclable and compostable items and put them in their respective bins. Only trash those items which don’t fall into any of the categories given below:

For more information about what can and cannot be recycled, please check out at MIT Facilities’ website.


If you have free items that you are tossing that others might want to have, please email the following lists:

Tang reuse mail list:

For subscription, please go to: Moira

MIT-wide reuse mail list:

For subscription, please go to: Mailman

In addition, there are choose-to-reuse activities happening in the campus time after time. Keep in the loop by email!

Indoor Gardening

There are several potted plants inside tang building decorating our indoor environment.

All the plants are watered regularly. Thus please don’t water them yourself, this is to prevent root rotting.  However, if you would like to take care of any of the plants on a long-term basis, please contact the Recycling and Gardening Chair.

If you have any questions or suggestions about gardening and recycling issues in Tang, please feel free to email the Recycling & Gardening Chair.