Chat with iREFS

  • Having issues with your roommate, advisor, family, or life in general?
  • Join a short workshop by iREFS@MIT for some pointers on how to make these difficult conversations less difficult and also fruitful!
  • We will address some of the common points of conflict
  • We will also speak to any more specific requests.

Board games

When: Oct 13 from 6 PM – 9 PM
Where: Tang Hall 24th floor lounge

  • Enjoy the evening with various games, food and friends
  • Various games such as Jenga, Poker, Scrabble, Chess etc will be available to play
  • Dinner will be provided

Coffee Hour

  • Come learn about sustainability at MIT, and voice your opinion on sustainability policy!
  • Compete against your peers in a fun waste-sorting game, check out the new online training module on Atlas, decorate your own reusable cup/travel mug
  • Win cool prizes like collapsible reusable containers, bamboo utensil sets, and baby spider plants!

Cooking Series is back!

  • The cooking series is back, teaching how to cook various dishes and desserts
  • Come learn how to make (and eat) delicious Tiramisu with fellow Tang residents
  • We will provide all the ingredients for the recipe, so just show up with your room mates, make some delicious food, eat and take the rest back with you!
  • Spots are limited. Sign up at here
  • Please sign up only if you are sure you would be able to make it