Check-In Procedures

  1. Where do I check in?  Come to the front desk in the Tang Hall lobby to check into your apartment
  2. What do I need to do in order to check in?  You will need to pick up your keys from the desk worker and fill out an on-line form  (Make sure you have a picture ID with you).  The  key given to you will open your outer apartment door, your apartment mailbox as well as your bedroom door.

Access to the Building

  1. How do I gain access to the building?  You will need to use your MIT ID-card to get in and out of the building. If you have not yet received your ID then you may check out a Temporary access card from the desk until you receive your picture ID. Your ID works on the front and back doors.  Please note: your ID works in the front door at all times, but only in the back door until 9:00pm.
  2. What should I do if my MIT ID-card is not working?  Please Leave your Name, Room Number and ID number with at Tang Front Desk and your ID will be activated the following day.
  3. What if I lock myself out of my room?  Please come to the Tang Desk and let the desk worker know that you have locked yourself out of your apartment.  If you have a valid PICTURE ID with you, the desk worker will check out a lockout key to you, WHICH MUST BE RETURNED TO THE DESK IMMEDIATELY UPON RE-ENTRY INTO YOUR ROOM.  If you do not have a PICTURE ID with you, please call x 3-1500 (617-253-1500).
    NOTE: if the desk is closed, you will need to call x 3-1500 (617-253-1500).



  1. Where can I park my car?  Students who have obtained parking permits may park in the gated lot next to the Westgate high-rise (across the lawn in front of Tang Hall).  Once you have obtained a parking permit, your MIT picture ID will need to be activated by the parking office Basement floor student Center in order to grant you access to this lot.
  2. How do I apply for a parking permit?  To apply for a permit, visit here. MIT Certificates are required.
  3. What do I do until this permit is issued?  Temporary parking passes are available from 8/16/2005 through 9/15/2005 at the Tang Desk.

Tang Desk (617-253-1773)

  1. What are the hours of the Tang Desk?  The Tang Desk is normally open Monday through Friday from 7:30am until 10:00pm, and from 9:00am-10:00pm during the weekend.
  2. What services are provided by the Desk?
    1. Video Lending Service: Videos may be borrowed at the Tang Desk.  Each resident is allowed a maximum rental of two videos and the rental period is 24 hours.  Please return videos promptly and in good condition to avoid fees.  A quarter donation per each video rental is suggested.
    2. Packages: The desk accepts packages from all carriers for residents.  You will receive an e-mail when a package arrives for you.  Please bring this information and a PICTURE ID to the desk to claim your package.  Please note: the desk will not accept any packages addressed to anyone other than the resident.
    3. Fax Machine: Residents may use the fax machine that is located at the Tang Desk to send and receive faxes.  The fax number is 617-253-3768.  A calling card is required for long-distance or international faxes.
    4. Sports Equipment, tools, bicycle pump, vacuum cleaners, carts, and cots are just a few of the items loaned out by the desk.  Items are generally loaned for a 24-hour period and must be returned promptly to the desk to avoid late fees.  Please note: these items may not always be available.

Quiet Hours

  1. What are Tang’s quiet hours? Tang’s quiet hours are from 11 pm to 7 am, Sunday to Thursday, and 1 am to 7 am, Friday and Saturday.

Maintenance Issues

  1. For maintenance requests, please fill out an on-line “MIT Housing Repair Request” here.  Instructions can be found here. Please note: you will need to have your MIT personal certificate to access this website
  2. Incase of EMERGENCY: Call 3-1500 immediately from the hallway telephone across from the elevators or 617-253-1500 from your cell-phone.
  3. For maintenance issues outside of your apartment (for example, a spill in the elevator, a leak in the lobby, or a problem with card access at the front entrance): Please contact Michael Collins in his office, at x 3-5146, or
  4. For problems with the washing machines or dryers: please use this link, or call the company (Mac-Gray) directly: 1-800-622-4729.

Waste management

  1. Trash chute is located near the stairwell by the “E” and “F” apartment doors.
  2. Please sort out the waste generated in your apartments into recyclable and compostable items and put them in their respective bins outside the rear door on the ground floor.
  3. What to recycle or compost? – click here
  4. For more information, please visit –


  1. Telephones: Telephones have been installed on every floor across from the elevators. Your bedroom is not equipped to service analog desk phones.
  2. Emergency contact: Incase of a medical emergency or a hazard situation, you can also call 100 from a telephone connected to the MIT network (such as the ones in the hallway across the elevators on each floor) or  617-253-1212 from a cell phone to contact the MIT police.
  3. Selling Stuff: Incase you have stuff to sell or give for free, you can post on
    1. Tang facebook group –
    2. Free and For Sale MIT group –
    3. Reuse mailing list –