Recycling & Gardening by Qifang

Over the past two years, Qifang, our Recycling and Gardening Chair, has put in tremendous effort in promoting green living @ Tang. Here are some highlights of the past year! We all hope you will join our efforts to make Tang a greener living place :).

The Avishek Collection Part II

Avishek has been partnering with Ranjitha to produce awesome posters. This is his 2nd year of service as the Publicity Chair, and here are the posters that he’s made this past year, continuing a tradition of excellence in design and creativity together with Ranjitha.

The Ranjitha Collection

Ever since Aditya started making awesome posters for us, Ranjitha and Avishek have continued in the same vein, bringing arguably the best event posters of any dorm at MIT to Tang. In honour of her work this past year, we are proud to present to you, the Ranjitha Collection (2015). Click on any one of