Tang Hall Officers 2023-2024

We are volunteers who care about the community, running events to bring people together and working with the administration to resolve resident concerns. If you’re interested in joining the leadership team to be more involved in the community, contact tang-government[at]mit.edu!

Find out more about the THRA or submit an agenda item through the THRA page.

The THRA can be collectively emailed at tang-government@mit.edu.

Naomi Schurr

President (tang-president@mit.edu)

Vice President (tang-vice-president@mit.edu)

Nidhish Sagar

Treasurer (tang-treasurer@mit.edu)

Ashutosh Kumar

Social Chair (tang-social-chair@mit.edu)

Chinmay Gangal

Social Chair (tang-social-chair@mit.edu)

Lokesh Sangabattula

Social Chair (tang-social-chair@mit.edu)

Hridibrata Pal

Social Chair (tang-social-chair@mit.edu)

Ariadne Dulchinos

IT Chair (tang-it-chair@mit.edu)

Yongyi Zhao

Purchasing & Maintenance Chair (tang-purchase@mit.edu)

Anagha Belavadi Subramanya

Sustainability Chair (tang-sustainability@mit.edu)

Vallabh Ramakanth

Publicity Chair (tang-publicity@mit.edu)

Sports Chair (tang-sports-chair@mit.edu)